Production of illuminated signage in Belgrade and Novi Sad

Metaling d.o.o. (since 1992) and Termooprema d.o.o. (1995) bring together experienced engineers, designers, and technicians, who are familiar with the issues of production of luminous advertisements. We can be proud of our production of illuminated advertisements based on CNC technologies, as well as the skill of our craftsmen. All materials that are installed are examined and tested by our engineers. From our production program, we can single out LED-illuminated advertisements in which professional lighting is installed. LED diode lighting in IP68 protection with a temperature range of -35°C to +85°C, therefore our LED illuminated advertisement does not lose its lighting intensity.

Our portfolio consists of extensive projects, which are executed in top quality and under high standards, which makes us recognizable.

Metaling d.o.o. offers complete solutions, which include architecture, and technical solutions as well as production, transportation, assembly, and maintenance.

Many of our clients are designers and architects. They use Metaling as a collaborator and involve us from the very beginning of project planning. Our signage projects include technical solutions, construction drawings, and budgeting.

Metaling and Termooprema have over 80 employees at three locations in Belgrade, Novi Sad, and Pančevo. The total production space covers an area of 8,800 m2. The educational structure includes engineers, technicians, production staff, and administration. International quality standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EN 3834, EN 1090, PED 9723.

Our company also focuses on service production. In order to satisfy the needs of our clients - the work orderer, we constantly strive to comply with all requirements regarding quality, and compliance with delivery deadlines, as well as to help with product development with our expert advice. Thanks to our professional development team and trained staff, we are able to respond to the most complex requests of clients in a very short time.

We are pleased to offer you the services of our professional team, which can meet all your requirements - "Your idea, our realization" which includes designing solutions, production, assembly, and obtaining permission to place advertisements.

Metaling is where your ideas become a stunning solution and reality. All illuminated advertisements are unique and adapted to the interior and exterior. We make advertisements for companies in different dimensions and from different materials. Illuminated advertisements with LED diodes are the most common choice of lighting, and at the same time, they offer a low level of maintenance, longevity and save electricity. 3D advertising, which includes 3D luminous letters made of acrylic (plexiglas - plexi ads), represents the most attractive form of object branding. Led Clearite displays (lightbox advertising boards) with high-quality translucent foils are a frequent choice of clients who want to mark the entire object (frieze advertising). If you want to highlight your advertisement and impress passers-by, we recommend console LED advertisements. Cantilever advertisements emphasize certain points in the building, such as ATM locations, working hours, etc. To our clients who have the opportunity to highlight their company through free-standing advertisements, we offer the design and production of totems, billboards, and pylons. Totems and pylons are an exclusive way of branding the company.

Retro advertisements such as neon and LED neon are frequent choices of architects. With LED neon, you get a retro look with today's benefits, including silent operation, less visible cabling, and low operating voltage.

We are ready to support your design and visual identity through all types of advertising. Contact our team of experts and convince yourself of our quality and affordable prices.

Improving your image is our challenge and our job